No Choice But To Do This

4 thoughts on “No Choice But To Do This”

  1. u teruk la ann..tiba tiba post up d nerd king pic pulak.. *sweat*
    make him so famous for wat la? 😆
    alien piggie alien piggie !! i like dat name..hehe~
    who’s d person le? hope dat fela like it oso… 😛

    he already famous ma…who donno nerdest king u say la…
    i also very likey alien piggie le…
    hey u got download da act ar? next time know how to fight back hehehe… 🙂
    me clever hor? *beh-paises*

  2. malas wana read it la…so long..who wana noe it wor?
    u study it den nx time be my lawyer and fight back la… 😛
    if not u go ask alien piggie to study dat~ 😆

    eh, how come u so tidak sensitif kepada isu semasa one?
    haiyo, we as student is da tunggak harapan negara u knw…
    hahaha…i still can remember these words le…last time karangan sure will write one hehehe

    as long as we guai guai in uni, this act cannot apply on us la…
    next time when v go boozing again? 😛

  3. 😐 not i dowan take note on it, but is cant manage to take note on it.. 😛
    too wordy la…sst ady malas wana read..tis 1?wait la..i might read it when i’m too free to do it geh..just go thru abit oso pening dy..hehe 😀
    booze? ooi…baru shj frm akta don do it now u wana do it agn? but…haha..nx time ya..out of campus ma..dats our own life dy.. 😛

    haha..i oso glanced through nia…
    i so sien can die le…miss saupe…*chops chops chops*

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