Bloody Hell

this noon, a LazyMuthaFucka walked into our shop. she’s looking for this particular model of Canon Cartridge. while paying, she asked,” takde diskaun ke?” ann:” dah, 90sen.” ann speaked smile on da face. LMF then said:” huh? bagilah 65!” (da actual price is 66.90. and profit margine is low for that item ok) ann:” tak … Continue reading Bloody Hell

Rainy Day

people fleeing to shelters. people stalking along corridoor, looking worriedly at da sky. people starting to wedge into mamak stalls, which was empty a minte ago, and now, wah, people mountain people sea. people starting to talk louder as usual. people starting to worry over thier business. flashes of light appear form da sky follow by … Continue reading Rainy Day