Haiya How Can U Make Such A Mistake?

2 thoughts on “Haiya How Can U Make Such A Mistake?”

  1. aiyo…连人带椅子笑翻..
    ann, forgive her lah.
    she juz wan to justify the whole page lah. wakaka…
    miss chung see..muuuaahahaha….

    cam liao…cant stop laughing!!

    ooi, sing siaw, STOP STOP STOP
    laugh now nvm, if laugh in your dream then really cam liao.
    don’t forget da big fat ass underneath my bed!

  2. ng ji you bei met yeah fan ying lei~ (in cantonese)
    pick out others’ names pulak.. = =

    gang hai la, yau fok tong hiong ma 🙂

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