Da Nature Of A Female

2 thoughts on “Da Nature Of A Female”

  1. hmm… i wont encourage u to pierce oso
    NO WAY !!
    btw, for The Sims, how cum 4 hours needed for installation?
    mine only ard 1 hour enuf wo..
    i think not even an hour..
    urs whole edition izit?

    i myself also hope her determination is strong enough le…must moral support me ok!
    mine is The Sims Complete Edition, got hot date, house party etc…
    u also have ar? haiya i know i borrow from u la, wasted 15bucks.
    but, nice mer? i played for less than 5mins and i think it sucks much la… 😦

  2. i got sims 1 and 2 nia..
    others i got last time but dono y all cant installed..
    anyway,i din bring here oso tis sem,last sem i brought sims 2 ar..yeing oso borrowed frm me le..but i dono she got ply onot la..hehee~
    sumtimes jz too bored n u’ll jz ply wateva game u have frm home ma ~ 😆

    gt sims 3 mer?
    em…nevermind la…i will find other game cos the sims is officially ended its life on my lappie. 😛

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