Big Fat Ass No More

4 thoughts on “Big Fat Ass No More”

  1. hahhahahaa.. de big fat ass helps you to eat all the mosquitoes mah.. =D but what an ‘adventure’ catching it! well done~!

    hihi, thanks for dropping by 🙂
    it was an adventure for me cos i have this insect phobia syndrome =.=
    any insect that fly, crawl and uh..move scare da hell out of me!!!

  2. ahha..i was laughing reading this!

    there’s a big one in my room too! a huge-big-gigantic one. looks like the one up there in your post. so geli can….!

    but i am glad, it didnt come crawling all the way down, it just stays behind my curtain.
    it doesnt kacau me, so i also wont kacau it. but sometimes, it comes out from behind the curtain to snap the nyamuks/flying things for its meal. so, im letting it live, because its helping me to mkn all the bloody mosquitoes. 😀

    i wonder how u landed on this post…
    i wish it don’t come out lo,
    i can tolerate with mozzies
    but not da bigfatass
    btw, it’s back residing in my room again!

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