Red Ant

6 thoughts on “Red Ant”

  1. ann, rmb 2tell me when u wanna chop da kaikalou, i will nt only gv u moral support, will help u 2sharpening da knife too.. 😀

    wah, really ar?good good…em..we shall plan now…
    oh wait,
    walao, later u need to go veggie for one month O.o then how?

  2. why call him kaikalou wor?
    shud call him hamsaplou ma….he is hamsaplou ma…no meh?

    becos his name starts with a k ma.
    thus da name kaikalou lo…
    aka hamsaplou. liddis can?

  3. sabar…sabar. tomorrow is the beginning of a new day

    ya, it was. went out for in da morning and came back dead tired in da evening and now wanna go zzz goodnight. hahaha im so random. no? 😛

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