OK. Tomorrow Onwards…*updated

ann promises not to proscastinate work anymore.

ann promises not to spend too much anymore.

ann promises not to stalk e-shopping sites anymore.

ann promises not to over budget anymore (this one a lil’ hard, she’s approaching limit now, it’s just middle of da month 😥 ).

ann promises not to study SST anymore (follow PeiLei’s campaign wtf).

ann promises to be a goody goody fillial daughter to call home more often (instead of Mami and Daddy and Gege calling ann).

ann promises to treat Gege very good (so that he would give ann a share of his salary, em…maybe a larger portion 😀 ).

ann promises to save $$$ (read: no more shopping) (cos Mami promised to give ann $$$ of da amount ann saved. like ann saved 300bucks, Mami will give ann 300bucks. 🙂 sounds so good right, but hor, ann doubted she could save any not wo, how ar? Ge, help me to save).

ann promises to finish ACT’s tutorials tomorrow (cos has to hand in on Monday ma).

ann promises to er…

*looks at clock*

*gasps*, it’s 09:10 and ann has to go out at 09.20 and she hasn’t prepare yet.

not yet brush teeth also. 😛

ok, maybe continue later when ann’s back.

one more,

ann promises not to spend more than 83bucks later in Farley! (wish her good luck.)


ok, ann’s back.

she managed to spend within da budgeted 83bucks.

she’s so good in financial management now. *rubs nose*

ok, back to da topic.

ann promises to start weight lost plan tomorrow (more healthy meal, less fried/oily stuffs).

ann promises to work out aka walking moreoften (been mia for two weeks due to cramming for test).

ann promises to keep in touch more often with buddies back at home (sigh, didn’t really meet them up last semester break, ann’s bad).

ann promises to not take thing for granted.

ann promises to appreciate people like u, u and u that cross her path.

ann promises to not keep posting ann’s camwhore’s pic cos someone already sick of ann’s face wo 😥

ann promises to do facial once a week (DIY one la u think ann so loaded can frequent beauty salon mer)

ann promises to not procastinate work. she knew she already listed this, just a reminder for annself la. cos she’s damn good in procrastinating. like cramming for test. 😀

ann promises to do as promised. tomorrow onwards la 😀

today, now, ann’s gonna enjoy da 10hours left.

like taking a nap 😀

and annoys da hell out of u with

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