Stupid Zhu Tao Beng

today zhu tao beng told us that most of da class flunked SST 1st test.

so sad lo.

cos ann’s pretty sure i will be one of them.

but one of da female coursemates (zhu tao beng divulged it in class, but he forgot who’s that gal) got so high marks like 80+. crazy one.


conclusion: memorising is not ann’s cup of tea wtf. (although da questions are out of da box la.)

sometimes, ann wondered, izzit a wrong choice of taking up this course?

ann will be doing much better (ann thinks la) if she’s in accounting or something to do with numeral which requires less hafal-ing…sigh

someone just cried.


it’s such a pain to see people around u glooming and u can’t do anything to make he/her eppie.


maybe ann could,


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