4 thoughts on “Misunderstanding”

  1. no need to please everybody. u cant succeed. jus try yr best to b happy n hope some body else is affected by it

    i know it’s hard to please everyone.
    but im trying to so that everyone is eppie.
    somehow seems like im wrong.
    i will learn from mistake.
    thanks BengBeng

  2. misunderstanding did killed people.
    when u try to explain more, when u try to clear the misunderstanding, there will be more and more misunderstandings appear to you.
    if the problem cant be solved, then u must accept and face it.
    that’s life, that’s friendship.
    as what people say, cherish everything u have for now.
    that’s what i learnt from all those problems.
    u cant please every1, but there’r always some1 who are close and true to you.
    so, just appreaciate those you have for now.
    be tough !!

    thanks Von.
    but if u don’t solve da prob, there will be a flaw in da friendship which is something i don’t wish to happend.
    yet it did happened.
    glad there’s always others are there for me to cling to.

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