9 thoughts on “Congratulations”

  1. don think too much la~.. let it go.. n gambatae for cuming test 2 and final. 🙂

    test 2 and final also he’s da one who gonna draft da questions…
    gonna die again WTF 😥

  2. touchwood… no die no die.. u cant lose to him.. but try yur best to fight wf him… zhu tao beng cant fight wf ant la.. is d time show yur power!! zhu tao beng tot tis small ant is weak.. so…ant gambatae ne~!!! u can do it!! trust yurself.. ant cant kalah to zhu tao beng!!

    *muaks*thanks ar…
    *flex muscle*i can do it
    hopefully wtf
    zhu tao beng sao pei la

  3. oh…my…piggie..
    feel bad..horrible..
    nw my heart really imbalance.
    why my ‘mia’ so ‘ko’??
    bad sem 5
    bad sem 5

    he is ruining my life!!
    get rid of me~

    oh my dear, hang on…
    we must be strong
    cannot be easily defeated by this hamsap zhu tao beng
    next test we pia again
    sei zhu tao beng

  4. zhutaobeng sao pei la!!~ hooray!! gambatae every1~

    now can relax faster relax la
    test will haunt us again very soon lo…

  5. yeah, don’t worry about it.

    it’ll only make you stronger.

    add oil for the next one, ok 🙂

    thanks 🙂

    can only add oil ar? add chilly sauce can? 😀

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