Photo Friday: Old Fashioned

this’s gonna be my first time ever participating challenge liddis :)

since im having a camera now…

and i like camwhoring capturing objects and eppie moments  :D

pics are all taken by my trusty Nikon  Coolpix 4200, Joe (i like to name my gadgets :D )

don’t flame me if da quality is not up to da standard of those professional huge ass camera u have :D

i would like to upgrade to a dSLR if some Good Samaritans are willing to sponsor :D

ok, here’s my pic…

it’s a practice in da Chungs family to serve tea to da elderly on da first day of Chenese New Year.

it’s a sign of respect and blessing i guess.

Gege (elder brother) and i have to kneel down and serve Daddy and Mami with chinese tea in order to get out angpaus :)

look at da date on da bottom right of da pic, it’s da date when we first implemented this traditional custom as a must-do on da first day of CNY :)

my friends around me are surprised :shock: when they heard that i practice that at home

we seems fashionable (or maybe not) and open-minded

but when it comes to certain thing,

Daddy and Mami‘s thinkings are old-fashoined aka conservative.

like having boyfriend before da age of 18 is unacceptable (they don’t know i had my first one at 12! :P)

like chimneys are bad guys.

or clubbing is a no-no. :shock:

u can see,

i come from a typical Chinese family :)

i donno whether this pic fits da theme or not

but never mind, just join only :)

professionals, do leave comment ya :)

im still a noob :)

for those who feel like joining da challenge,

nah, here’s da link :)

BengBeng, u might wanna join this :)

i feel like joining tomorrow’s PhotoHunt

but i can’t find any pic that says beauuuuutiful :(

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4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Old Fashioned

  1. What a good practice! Not many people do that nowadays, good to see someone still observing it.

    Happy snapping! :)

    i still got a lot to learn from u in photography :D
    don’t mind hor, sifu :D

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