Back to Bint-ulu :(

tata heater hihi freezing cold shower T-T tata air-conditioned room hihi fanned room T-T tata king-sized comfy bed hihi single pathetic bed T-T tata baby’s-butt-smooth wi-fi connection hihi bitchy wireless T-T tata msn hihi skype T-T tata hotmail hihi yahoo! mail T-T tata .blogspots bloggies (actually still can read just that need to f5 for … Continue reading Back to Bint-ulu 😦

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i was in indecisive situation when i look at da title *point up* i feel like posting up nice views of Gua Niah one minute later u see me editing pics from Pulau Perhentian and then another second i was rummaging pics of Taman Botanikal Melaka haih! . . so after many many (really many … Continue reading PhotoHunt: View