Sex Appeal? Ann?

today is just another day of ihavenothingbettertodo.

blog hopping for a while and i found this cool tool named

Side View Generator (Sokumenzu Generator)

u can see your name from every angle,

up, down, right and left

tempted to play with it…

typed my nick, annant, clicked enter,

this’s shown for one second,

then it will rotate and form another word i.e.

wah, damn cun (accurate) wo…

im restless. my concentration can only last for 15minutes, at most 😦

is this a personality predictor thingy ? i wondered…

what my name, Constance says?

it says seduction? me?



then i tried using Ann,

sex? ann? 😯

i wonder what Mami and Daddy will do after knowing my names underlie these meanings :surprise:

constance ann = seductive and sexy 😀


one last try,

using my Chinese name, See Hui,

yala i have many names one cos im cool liddat,

u all guess what see hui turned into…

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