Gotcha Babe :)

6 thoughts on “Gotcha Babe :)”

  1. Love the cloud formation. Wish there’s more cloud over here today, I was hopping to catch them with the moon!
    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 😀

    not long after snapping da moon, it’s camouflaged by dense cloud again 😦
    Eppie Belated Mooncake Festival

  2. I read in the newspaper saying that tonite moon is actually rounder than last night. I am going out of my room to see the moon now!

    poured yesterday…
    no moon 😦
    whatabout your place? 🙂

  3. whoa.. it took u a lot of time and patience to catch tat moon eh? Good work!!

    haha…not really…
    so happened that i walked out and i managed to snap it 😀
    thanks 😀

  4. 好美的月亮,
    中秋节快乐, (迟了点)

    *flex muscle*

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