Zzz Disorder

6 thoughts on “Zzz Disorder”

  1. oh ya…may nightmares haunt those sleepING ppl.
    (shake hands)

    i teach u…
    apply sum medicated oil arround ur eyes like using SK2 eye cream or watever..
    i guarantee u stay awake for at least half an hour.

    half an hour? 😯
    walao, i think i will zzz lor,
    cos cant open my eyes ma 😛

  2. i’m kind of like that! i can fall asleep anywhere! i’d always fall asleep in class and have to pinch myself to keep awake!

    haha, sometimes i’ll ask my gal to pinch me too.
    if not, i have to keep talking to keep myself alert
    em…try eating sweets, it might help 😉

  3. It’s good to be able to fall asleep soundly with no problem. I have insomnia from time to time, it’s horrible I tell you.

    i know i understand how’s da feeling is, insomnia once haunted me for quite sometime during high school days while cramming for spm…
    since then, i have no problem with that! *touch wood* 😀

  4. 睡得是福!

    life is cruel 😦

  5. the solution is… find a day or 2 and make sure u do nothing else but sleep… sleep until u r satisfied.. sleep until u r sick of it.. sleep until u dun wish to even close yr eyes or even blink anymore… by that time, ull be enlightened… kakaka

    but da effect won’t last lo.
    what if i can still zzz? 😯

  6. i wish i’ve got your condition.

    like cc, insomnia is not much fun…

    you remind me of a character in Legends of the Demigods… LOL

    googled then know, it’s a new tvb drama 🙂
    u mean da An Hei (Chan Kam Hong) right?
    hey, do u mean that im cursed too 👿 ?

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