Piggie Xiang

this is another burfdae post!

today is roomie’s turn to turn 22 🙂 in two months plus, it’s my turn *hint hint* 😛

i know quite a number of Virgins huh 😀

thanks for mum-ing fragrant fried rice while im zzz-ing so that i could dream of fried rice

thanks for buying me yummy mum mum which make me grow horizontally

thanks for encouraging both me and yourself to study

and then thanks for coercing me to nap. as im typing this, she’s already on da bed snoring

thanks for layanning me to mum 2 mouthful of my home cook dessert and tasteless mee

thanks for da mooncakes too 😀

thanks for hosting me and Kiki while we’re in Sibu last February

thanks for showing me how muchy u lurve jay Chou (also don’t know what da hell is he singing, quoted from Mami)

thanks for saying that my butt is just nice though i know u are just consoling me

thanks for waking me up in da morning or izzit da other way around ar 😛

thanks for putting up with my occasional shrieking whenever i see flying insects <– my weak point 😦

thanks for sharing everything with me

there are countless thanks more which i can’t put into words right now cos u are zzz-ing, and im seeing u zzz-ing and my brain can’t seem to work already

so i shall just end this post with da two most important ones,

thanks for being part of my life

thanks for letting me being part of your life too 🙂 lame i know but this is sincerely from da bottom of my heart

it’s been a good 15months cohabiting with u 🙂 adn it’s still counting on 🙂




my gift for u is…

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