Would You Rather? – Dump or Stay

13 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Dump or Stay”

  1. no nid think la..i dono wat will happen to me in da future.
    but for now,i gonna choose to dump him!!
    still stay with him for wat? wan me feed him? duh~ no way of course!! da world is not turning upside down where girls have to work to feed their family while guys staying at home baby sitting or cooking k?
    huhu…seems too be abit too emotional but i’m jz giving my idea.. 🙂

    yala, we can still live on well without guys 🙂
    but i still like guys wtf

  2. I’ll do the same thing too. For me, if my partner can’t seem to find a better job or have no means to continue studies BUT has the will and drive to further excel and be better, I’m fine with it. But if he was complacent and satisfied with bumming off me, I’ll kick him out!

    *shakehands* 😀
    no use keeping him…
    *flying kick*

  3. yah.. just dump him… he needs to learn to take k of himself first before taking care of others

    agree *nod nod* 🙂
    how is he gonna take care of me when he’s not taking good care of himself? unless he’s ill la…

  4. Well, different strokes for different folks. Some people rank love way up beyond material stuff, some choose reality. As long as you are happy I guess. Not much of an answer. LOL

    yala, but i will still choose material over lurve…
    why am i so materialistic? 😐
    i think worrying and quarelling over $$$ will certainly not a eppie life lo…

  5. It depends on what you want! If like Brad Pitt…you dump? Hahahahahahaha!!!

    comfirm dump! *firm*
    what’s da use of having a good look but empty inside?

    dump! *shaken*
    but can show off to friends wo…can brag… 😳

    em…will dump him gua… *fall:
    i likey his body 😳

  6. No need to think la. Just proceed your life without him.

    For me, money is the major issues after married. This is a realistic world.
    I don’t think that only drinking water can survive in this world… hehe..

    totally agree 😀
    im not da only materialistic 😛

  7. I am so glad you left the link to your blog because I really wanted to see it, I always enjoy your comments 🙂
    I have been in situations like this and it is always so hard for me to let go because breakups are so painful, especially when I am in love, so I’m really scared that I might stay. But, the truth is I would feel resentment towards that person and probably be a little bitter in the relationship because I don’t like to be used. The best thing would be to break up especially since the majority of divorces are caused by fights about money. I hope I would break up before it got too involved. For example the guy in my “Love Online” post told me he went bankrupt and didn’t have a job and this bit of knowledge made it a little easier to get over him because I don’t want my man ruining my credit.

    thanks for dropping by 🙂

    me myself haven’t been in da situation liddis (touch wood), but i’ve seen people around me in this kind of position…
    they were constantly wrangled over $$$. and da gal have to face all da financial problem and worked hard like shit for $$$ herself.
    i simply don’t see this kind of relationship can bring any eppieness.
    like what nadnut commented, if he has the will power and drive to change and further excel and be better, im fine with it.
    if not, i will just ask him go fly kite and farkoff purleese.
    ya, im that realistic…

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