Hallo From Miri

8 thoughts on “Hallo From Miri”

  1. Aren’t you suppose to be on holiday? Come on…don’t go online for few days…I dare you. Hahaha

    cannot la…
    da line so effing good…
    it’s stupid to not go online lo πŸ˜›
    blame da uni’s bitchy wi-fi

  2. omg, that’s a gorgoeus place! simply love the sea and wooden pier. n u look good too πŸ™‚

    we purposely went there for da sunset and food πŸ˜€
    but d seafood let us so down 😦

  3. See! I knew u won;t be able to stay away from ur blog!!!…OK! What have u eaten? Photos please!!!! 2020 dim sum?….Walk across the road from Imperial Mall to the shops there – a number of Malay eateries but there’s one coffee shop (not facing Imperial Mall)that sells roast duck or char siew noodles. Nice!!! Drool!!!!

    *grumpy sulk grumpy sulk*
    *stamp feet*
    i just went to da Rex Box πŸ˜€

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