Why I Lurve Hari Raya

4 thoughts on “Why I Lurve Hari Raya”

  1. You’re back in Bintulu? Not on holiday till Monday? Hey! Still got so many days! Can hop on the bus and come to Sibu….

    yaya back to Bint-ulu already 😦
    haiyo, u think stay there so long no need moolah?
    i wish i could visit Sibu…
    im tight on budget 😦
    im just a poor student T-T

  2. Selamat mum mum great fatty hari raya food to u. may u gain 20kg over the holidays hahahahhaahha. i say that cos i so jeles no hari raya kuih to take 🙂

    walao, choi!
    faster go touch wood 👿
    i also don’t have hari raya kuih what…
    have to wait till next week hopefully my friends do remember me la 😀

  3. Wah! Go Miri, stay at Mega so expensive, can! Come Sibu, stay at my house free, cannot! Humph!!

    da room was shared among six of us ma…
    so not that expensive lo 😀
    plus we got da room at gov rate 😀
    so next time when im in Sibu,
    u will bao sek bao zhu hor 😛

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