Miri – Revisin’ To-do List

13 thoughts on “Miri – Revisin’ To-do List”

  1. This looks like such a fun trip. My favorite outfit is the last one, striped top with high waisted jumper. I hope you got that one, it looks so cute 🙂 I love bright yellow nail polish, but sadly I bite my fingernails. I used to have my bellybutton pierced and wish I never would have taken it out. I don’t know why I removed it.

    it’s fun!!!
    clever u, i got da last outfit 🙂 i look cute in it too *shy*
    tsk tsk tsk someone bite fingernails… 😛
    and oh WHY u removed them? how many exactly u had?
    kinda regret not getting a belly pierce since da price is so affordable 😦

  2. I saw a bit of the last one – pic opened halfway. I think you got that one too! And the skirt in the first one. Wow! Thank goodness my daughter’s plain and simple like me… Can save a lot of money! LOL!!!

    u got one wrong and one correct!
    da other one i purchased is da forth one. checked jumper shorts 🙂 it’s so cheap that i must buy it 😀
    and again, it’s matter of time your daughter will change man 😛 wait till i go Sibu and i’ll go shopping with her 😀

  3. I guess you bought the first and the third ones, because can see your belly lah,…. wakakakakaka…. nice wor! 🙂 I like your yellow fingernails too… look very seducing!

  4. i envy u le. u can wear so many clothes, i mean fit in.. yday i went shopping and most of the clothes i like is too huge for me! ended up buying nothing 😦 only another pair of shoes.. how i wish i am bigger!

    how i wish i could be like u…
    it’s too huge for me..
    how i wish i could say that 😦
    it’s too small for me…
    im always saying this T_________________T
    actually i wanna buy a pair of white pump as well, but can’t find any 😦

  5. Yellow nail polish… a bit too bland lah…
    You should have 5 different colors for the 5 nails – maybe red, green, blue, cyan, yellow…

    wait ar,
    wait fro Halloween then i’ll paint my nails liddat ar… 😉

  6. when u bought dat nail polish?
    i tot i seeing u tried on it only?

    bought one day earlier at elianto in Boulevard 😛

  7. I thought you have a “antzworld” tattoo on your middle finger. My bad, just woke up! Hehe. Never knew that Miri is a shopping paradise.

    *shake your head*
    wake up wake up!!!
    no way i will be getting a tattoo!!! NO WAY!!!
    i still prefer KL’s shopping lo 😀

  8. Youthful (Qing Chun) is your “Ben Qian” le..

    For me, I too old to wear like that already lol… Paiseh..

    how come your comment became spam ar??
    u are old? then i have to call u aunty keeyit liao 😛
    nola, u are no way closer to old lo, still young la 😀

  9. luckily benghui is not crazy over clothes or i will b bankrupt in no time 🙂

    but hor, i think kid’s clothes are expensive too…
    small lil’ t-shirt costs 40 over bucks…
    i only want two kids next time,
    one gal one boy gaodim 😀

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