Photo Friday: I’m Feeling…

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: I’m Feeling…”

  1. This picture is great, very funny, but also just a cool picture. I totally feel like hiding sometimes. Especially today because my face is breaking out. I hope you have a better day tomorrow, and don’t eat too much, I always have to watch that one too 🙂
    Also, it is weird, but I really don’t remember why I took out my belly piercing, but wish I hadn’t. I used to also have my eyebrow and nose pierced. I took my nose piercing out because one of my bosses told me it would leave a scar and I have always been obsessive about my complexion.

    i thought da pic is fugly! donno it will be a cool one 😛
    today’s a great day,
    but tomorrow will be a 😦 day cos holiday end soooooon. haih!
    u are such a cool lass, for me, at most i will only have one belly piercing.
    never ever think of eyebrow and nose…
    why am i chickened out last minute? 😦

  2. tis pic is really dramatic 😀 but a good one 😉

    it take some courages to post this pic up u know…
    cos it’s so fugly 😦
    luckily u all likey it 😀

  3. poor thing 😦

    *hugs and cuddle*

    btw, the pic quite scary… a bit like ju-on 😛

    *hugs and cuddle back*
    don’t sked! 😀
    class starts tomorrow T__________________T

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