PhotoHunt: Sad

9 thoughts on “PhotoHunt: Sad”

  1. not midget…maybe hobbit 😛

    hehe, just kidding. you look great, k.

    is hobbit shorter than midget?
    how dare u, Jeremy Chee!!!
    *sharpen butcher knife* 👿

  2. isn’t the poor child afflicted with down syndrome?

    squirmed at the first pic!

    da child is very da normal la 🙄 …just that her expression is not quite right!!!

  3. Drink more milks in order to grow taller, but nowadays MILKS contain “plastic??” huh!! so you better remain short short lor.. hahaha..

    Aiyo, i have no idea regrading the photohunt’s theme “SAD” ler.. hiah!!

    drink 10L of milk per day also can’t help niao!!!
    😦 😦 😦

  4. Ur finals coming? You mean this is ur final year? So when you go back this time, you’re not coming back to Sarawak anymore. Hey! You haven’t come to Sibu to meet me yet!!! Now I’m sad! Sob! Sob!!!…..LOL!!!

    still got one more year to go la, bienkia!
    sure i will visit u one…make sure u prepare scrumptious yummy food for me ar 😛
    and oh purleese host me too so that i can save on accommodation which means can shop more

  5. Ya, I feel kinda sad too knowing that have to go back to work tomorrow.

    * shake hands*
    *nod nod*
    yalo yalo
    soooo saaaaaad 😦

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