Miri – 3D2N@Mega Hotel

12 thoughts on “Miri – 3D2N@Mega Hotel”

  1. Female’s room definitely clean than Male’s room!! haha.. So clean and Neat!

    i wonder how messy can guys’ room be…
    how to zzz in it le?

  2. You brought a lappie for blogging ah? So, when you go out to lepak where did you keep your lappie?

    i just left my Josh on da dressing table wo…
    cos da hotel seems safe…
    takkan bring him along, very heavy wo…

  3. 161 bucks!!!!…Good grief! But then so many of u gatecrashed! I think Dynasty is cheaper and the rooms are bigger (older hotel mah!).

    where is Dynasty?
    *rummage through map*
    walao, it’s so far away, at first we planned to stay at Kingwood Inn, but da staffs damn bitchy lo, so we changed to Mega hotel!
    it was a last minute decision!
    and i think Mega Hotel is more strategically situated lo 🙂
    Imperial and Boulevard can be reached within walking distance, can save on taxi 😉
    btw, how muchy per stay at Dinasty?

  4. hi, did u go there by bus on sunday noon ya?? if yes then we were on the same bus!

    who u are?
    da one with ds lite who speak cantonese?
    or next to me one?
    or in front ones?
    tell me tell me!!!

  5. i duno wher u were. too many of u canot remmber lar.. yeah i was the one sitting alone.. hehe

    i was sitting in diagonally in front of u!
    i remembered u cos u were playing with a ds lite (i want!) and u speak gong tong hua (i can understand!) 😀
    but how u come to my bloggie ar?

  6. long story lar.. tell u later.. add me in skype k.. kahheng03@gmail.com
    btw what do u mean by ds lite lar… i got a HTC but i duno whats ds wor.. hahahaha

    added u already! 😀
    faster come on9!
    che-cheh, i thought it’s a ds lite! 🙄

  7. nth in my hotmail….

    whatabout u add me instead?
    i sent my skype name to both your hotmail and gmail, walao! both also patah balik! 🙄
    nah, annworld<–my skype name 🙂

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