Can U Tell Me

HOW U ORGANIZE YOUR PICS FOLDER AR? how u categorize them? like one folder for work? one for personal? one for school? one for friends? one for family? one for foods? one for event? one for camwhore? one for outings? one for buildings wtf? then one for edited pics? do u keep both edited and original … Continue reading Can U Tell Me


today’s class cancelled!

so eppie la me 😀

*hop and bounce around da room*

spent da whole morning playing with this 


da left is da now-ann, da right is da i-wish-im-liddat-ann

long silky hair

big shiny eyes

deeper longkang cleavage

eh, can see my yellow nails not 😛


decided to create a male-ann

so muchy brows to choose from

da left one is da frowny, da right one, nikey


wtf type of brows is this ar?



hamsap lou 😛


da end result!

im a sucker for guys who’s in formal attire.

don ask me why

not every guy can carry it well lo

u know, broad shoulder, slight muscular build ❤ 

is this consider as a fetish ar? 😯

faces that other members created

and they have this voting system to choose da best face!

u guess how da no. 1 face looks like

faster faster imagine!







i present to u da No. 1 look

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