Can U Tell Me

8 thoughts on “Can U Tell Me”

  1. Hey im yr most loyal reader… and im back!!! kakaka….
    ok organize them like this, make a folder named Photos, and dump everything inside.. hahaha

    🙄 at your organizing idea…
    😀 welcome back babe man!
    no, i didn’t miss u at all! 😛

  2. You are so organised kah? I know…I will have all the folders and the phtos will be everywhere but inside!!! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

    cos wanna back up my pics ma…
    🙄 at your way of organizing 😛

  3. anything that you think is best suited to you.

    I go by geography and time before events. Like Malaysia>Malacca>Summer 07′> visitor from KL (just an example)

    thanks for your suggestion!
    it helps 😉

  4. I organize by event, e.g. PD_Trip_01_01_08, other random one, just put inside Random folder :p

    thanks for da tips!
    and thanks for dropping by 😉

  5. I am a bit inefficient in this aspect. I still organize according to events.
    Some people organize their images according to date taken. Still others tag their images (special software required).

    but i prefer to organize them according to dates…
    and i tag them…vista has this super feature i ❤
    thanks for da tips 😀

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