They Likey Me

i mean my bloggie, AntzWorLd 😉

im indeed honoured to be bestowed two awards in a row! 😀

from Vicz


from STP

thanks man men *peck* 😀 

actually there’s rules to follow,

1 Put the logo on your blog. put-ed

2 Add a link to the person who has given you the award. added!

3 Nominate 10 other blogs. *scratch head*

4 Add links to those blogs on yours…and

5 Leave a msg for the nominees on their blogs. 

*sratch head*

it seems like i have to nominate 10 other bloggies…

and da awards go to…

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PhotoHunt: Lazy

it’s really a tough hunting for this week’s theme! after rummaging my pic folder for hours, i could only find one pic that says lazy 😦 so i can call myself a hardworking person hor 😀 btw, im still in da mist of organizing my pic folder. it’s such a weary task i tell u … Continue reading PhotoHunt: Lazy