Miri – Mumteries

14 thoughts on “Miri – Mumteries”

  1. …And I’ve commented and not a single pic has come out. Maybe it’s my server – pretty lethargic today! Yalor! Datuk Shah Rukh Khan!!! What on earth has he done to deserve a datukship? Crazy!!! From your negeri, right? Hahahahahaha!!!!

    now le? da pics come out or not?
    i have no idea why da heck a foreign heartthrob deserves a datukship lo…
    walao! some more from Malacca one…crazy bunch of people 🙄

  2. how do u put the caption on the picture? what tool/software do u use?

    i use PhotoScape 🙂
    try to google it, it’s a very functional pic editor 🙂

  3. im in episode 15 now.. kun ka chai is eating with yue sou chau… romanticnya~~

    i wan the rojak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why are u so slow!
    eh, i fed u cendol already ma! enough!
    no supper remember? 😛

  4. Your picture is too many..
    I can’t wait to see your face..

    don’t see my face,
    later u puke then how 😦
    look at da yummy food 🙂

  5. next time try siew pau near town and rojak + fishball near krokop ya! weih skype sux…. til now my msg is not delivered… anyway u are free to drop me sms 01maxis-707 xxxx.. wakakaka

    u mean in Miri ar?
    haiya donno when’s da next time will be lo 😦
    i disguised your hp no. to protect u from spammers 😛
    why were u in Bint-ulu that day?

  6. I am so hungry (o:

    i don’t understand a single word in your bloggie 😦 after f5-ing for 346532354 times
    thanks for dropping by ya 🙂
    do come often 😛

  7. cause im busy ma… hahahaha….

    im busy too,
    i mean im supposed to be busy,
    but i just have to finish it so that i can concentrate in study 😛

  8. you make me so hungry lor… I still have 3 episod to finish the Moonlight Resonance

    by now u should have finished watching right?
    damn nice hor 😀
    eppie ending 🙂

  9. Hoho, all the yummilicious food make me cum in my panties!

    why are u so easily cum-ed? 😛
    they look yummy but not that delicious in taste lo…
    don be deceived by da pics 😛

  10. annant, my blog is in czech, for you is there a translator top right

    yaya, i saw da translator 🙂
    will visit your bloggie again if da wireless connection here permits 😉

  11. This looks like lots of great food. I would only be able to eat a few things since I’m vegetarian, but the ice cream looks delicious 🙂

    i don’t remember i ate any ice cream in Miri.
    until i scroll through da pics again.
    it’s cendol that u are talking about
    cendol is a dessert which it’s main ingredient are shaved ice, coconut milk
    added with green jelly(?) (cendol) and red beans (kacang)
    and finish with thick brown syrup topping 🙂
    im suck in picturing i know, hop over here to know more 🙂

  12. Wow.. 3hours to post those picture? We spent few second to read and enjoy ur post only!!

    read slowly enjoy slowly…
    took so muchy effort to upload da pics le…

  13. I also had dinner a few times in Tanjong Lobang. Nice place with sea breeze and ocean wave at the background!

    if really wanna mum scrumptious seafood hor, try da one at da diagonally opposite of Tj Lobang ones…
    taxi drivers told us
    they’re nicer than TL’s 😉

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