I Wish *updated

5 thoughts on “I Wish *updated”

  1. I stick my nose shit under the the table. Hahahahaha!!! My sympathies and apologies to the one who has taken over my table in the school after I have retired. He/She probably has found the “gold mine” there! ROTFLMAO!!

    u are da only sporting one 😉
    my bro likey to do that which makes me yell at him…
    👿 very disgusting 😦

  2. this sounds fun! ok ill tell u… msn me

    bugger! u purposely said that one knowing that i can’t sign in! 👿

  3. mine is that i stalk a female blogger from Bintulu at odd hrs of the day.. she is someone linked to the ANTS kingdom hahahahaahah

    keep on stalking… 😀 😯

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