7 thoughts on “:S”

  1. It’s not too late yet you know?

    I pray pray your broadband connection become messed up, slow like a snail… can’t even read mail or chat…okay? See I’m so good. Help you concentrate on your study. Hehe

    aw…so nice of u!
    faster faster go touch wood!
    my internet connection did farked up just now 😥
    go go touch wood! 👿

  2. Aiyah, no need to study so hard la… still early mah… can study on Monday night mah, guarantee you pass with flying colors!

    i think i’ll get red colors lo…
    choi! *touch wood*

  3. Good luck in ur exams! Uni…no problem lah! Coursework already how many %…just get a few more marks, oredi pass!!! Wink wink at the lecturers, get bonus some more! Hahahahahaha!!!

    got problem la…i failed da first test in one paper le…
    and pass is certainly not enough lo for me us:)
    lecturers aren’t that easy to cajole lo…even wink until eyeballs falling out seizhutaobeng’s he’s still indifferent!
    but some great lecturers did give us tips 😀

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