My Bad

3 thoughts on “My Bad”

  1. yah… poor uncle… luckily he didnt curse u with fish, prawn and crab words…

    yala…but he sounded really really pissed off 😦

  2. Bad! Bad!…Sigh!!! Punctuality is a virtue that many young people today do not seem to cherish! And you should have paid him the fare for driving all the way!!! Maybe you could bargain with him to pay half…since you changed ur mind about using his taxi. Petrol not cheap nowadays, yunno!

    i know i know 😦
    i damn paiseh wanna face him lo 😦
    daren’t call him next time already 😦

  3. Hi, first time commenting here. Yeah, sometimes we forget things. Maybe to cool him down, you could pay him the fares : )

    hihi 🙂
    em…maybe i should have huh!

    and hey, my uni’s wireless connection hates blogspotters…
    sorry for not dropping by ya 😦

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