PhotoHunt: Family

21 thoughts on “PhotoHunt: Family”

  1. the last photo is cute! i also do that “V” sign a lot. hehe!

    mine’s up HERE

    but i can’t see yours 😦
    can anyone purleeeese email me their pics ar… 😦

  2. Big family you have! BTW, you finished revision? Why still see you blogging one leh?

    those are only part of da family wei… 😛
    not finished yet 😦
    this is called study break u know?
    but mine seems like a tad too looong… ooops!

  3. wow, you have a close-knit family! the group pictures are impressive- I miss big family parties or reunions or even just regular dinners with a big entourage… nakaka-miss ang pilipinas and the concept of “family” there… 🙂

    we get to meet each other often so i guess that how da close-knit is bonded 🙂

  4. oohh, sheesh! i think i just wrote you some filipino language there! shucks! I meant to say that I truly miss the philippines (my homecountry) and the concept of family there- we also are very close-knit and families in the philippines are just as large in number! have a good one! 🙂

    em..where are u now?

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