Before Entering Exam Hall…

6 thoughts on “Before Entering Exam Hall…”

  1. no jeans only izit? collar shirt can ma.. scare me le formal…

    i said no shirt without collar ma…so collar shirt can la…

  2. here are sprinkle of (“.”,”) dust of good luck!
    all de best to u! i know u will do well! 😉
    take a deep breath when u r kancheong ok? *hugs*

    i really need da lucky stars muchy
    *kap hei fu hei* *kap hei fu hei* 😀

  3. of course still got hope for my contest. 9 more days to go. i know one blogger who wrote so many comments in a single day to top the list…

    but how could i leave 60+ plus comments in 9 days to beat him?

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