Would You Rather? – Cat or Dog

8 thoughts on “Would You Rather? – Cat or Dog”

  1. i like dogs, too. however i wanna have a cheetah on my backyard (which is i think same specie with cats) 😉 cute pix…

    cheetah? O.o
    as a pet? 😯
    *shudder* 😛
    thanks for dropping btw 😉

  2. Definitely dogs! The tail wagging when you come home, the slanted-to-one-side head when you holding something new to them, the licking/kissing when they show their love to you… awwww….

    that’s why i likey doggie 😀
    but my doggie barks at me! stupid dog!

  3. lol cats for me! actually i’ll like both but i prefer cats cause they’re not as needy and i really dont like it when dogs lick me. :/

    lol, i likey dogs to lick me, my palm i mean 🙂
    and hey tiger and cat are under da same family 😉

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