Can U Purleeese Stop That Farking Drilling?

7 thoughts on “Can U Purleeese Stop That Farking Drilling?”

  1. whoa… hold it gal…. hv never seen u this mad before…. cool down, go take a shower…

    im cooled down 😉
    hope no more drilling tomorrow…

  2. breath… remember to breath! all de best to u! 😉

    *kap hei fu hei*
    *kep hei fu hei*
    if they go grrrrr…. again tomorrow
    i will grrrr… also 😦

  3. cool down take a shower. deep yr head in ice 🙂

    taken already…
    it’s raining out there, i can just walk out and soak myself in da rain…
    emmm… 😯

  4. I also cannot study in noisy environment. Next time if that happened again, maybe put pillow on your head lar… haha! 🙂

    good idea wo…
    but then my hands will be very sour wo 😦

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