Bleeding Lurve

8 thoughts on “Bleeding Lurve”

  1. This kind of pictures you also take… wtf

    I also donated many times, but the last time my hemoglobin was too low…

    cos i likey to take pics ma wtf
    my heamoglobin is low too,
    everything also ngam ngam at par only
    cos mami is a thalassemia carrier, and i think i inherited it too 😦
    take more iron, might help 🙂

    and hey thanks for dropping, uni hates blogspotter
    but bienkia i can read yours from reader 😉

  2. power man you. i’m super scared of needles. 😦

    btw my late cat was called kikilala! LOL

    im scared of injection too,
    but when u think of saving one’s life (che wah), fear is not an issue anymore 😀
    i think i better not call her kikilala from now on 😦

  3. You experienced “light-headed, dizziness for da whole day”?… I donate some blood to you, want or not? 🙂

    im O+ one wo,
    what’s your blood group? 🙂
    compatible not?

  4. yala.. Leona Lewis.. at first i thought u wan to sing tim

    ahem ahem
    i keep bleeding keep keep bleeding lurve 😀
    *shake butt* 😀

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