PhotoHunt: Scary

34 thoughts on “PhotoHunt: Scary”

  1. I LOVE the photo. I can so relate scare of darkness – same with me when I was a little one. Seems I’m sometimes still a little one, especially when our dog Jersey gives me this look. 🙂

    Thanks for visiting my photohunt earlier today. To answer your question: Yes, the mean green snake machine is real 😀

    Happy Hunting!

    i think im used to darkness
    but not to bugs 😦
    da snake is yikes! 😛

  2. I used to be a scaredy cat kiddo too when I was young. Happy hunting!

    seems like everyone have their own weakness huh! 🙂
    have a great weekend 😀

  3. Certain insects creep me out too! That is a great image for the theme!

    thanks! 😉
    i think insects are we gals’ weakness 😦
    but i know someone who dare to catch lizards and cockroach, salute wei 🙂

  4. Yikes! Great scary image!
    I’m scared of spiders, especially brown recluses as they can really mess you up if they bite you. Needless to say, my basement is messy!

    im not so scared of spiders, cos ours here are mostly tiny ones 😀
    hey, it’s time to do some clean up! 😛

  5. nice take on photohunt and who isn’t afraid of one thing or another?

    thanks for your visit

    ya totally agreed!
    everyone has his/her weakness 😀

  6. that picture looks like from the movie Shutter Thailand original version.
    my scary photos are HERE

    hope it didn’t give u nightmare 🙂
    and thanks for dropping by 😉

  7. We don’t have really scary big bugs here in our cold climate and lizards don’t run wild, except salamanders. Snakes here are harmless but smelly. I am not very afraid of any of them unless they are unsuspectingly crawling on me. Nice photo.

    i hope our weather is like your side 😀

  8. Eeee…!!! Hope I do not meet you in the dark! *faints!!! LOL!!

    P.S. I expected you to post a photo of ur examination paper. Hahahahahaha!!! So bad of me, just have to remind u hor!!!

    im so gonna meet u in da dark *evil grins*
    choi! donwan scary exam paper 😦

  9. is that you in the photo?

    i’m still a scaredy cat even now. i can’t sleep in the dark.

    it’s me 😳
    i used to afraid of dark but not anymore! 🙂

  10. me too, i always run down from the stairs like someone was chasing at me when i was small..

    yala yala, me too 😦
    i keep envisioning there’s someone following me behind =.=

  11. that pic is scary..i initially thought it was just dark and then, i saw the eye..eeeeeeek!

    *pat pat*
    i don really look that scary in person…
    don sked 😀

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