Hallo :)

hallo everybuddy here im blogging from Loyal Selangor Club KL so i have arrived safely yesterday 🙂 biankia ar… so ngam wifi is available here i get to update briefly before i continue with my drinking 🙂 oh gawd my face is as red as a red chili padi ler 😛 maybe tomorrow i will go online at … Continue reading Hallo 🙂


by da time u guys read this, im already on da AK5273 flight jetting off to somewhere i belong wtf (if no delay la *touch wood*) holiday officially start from today!!! *beams* but when 26th Dec is apporoaching, u will see me ranting/grumbling/whining like a piggie again arghh… 😦 but that only gonna happen 7 weeks … Continue reading Home


finals are finally gone! holiday is just about to begin can’t wait for tomorrow to come! 😀 ooolala so eppie can die ok! it’s time for packing!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 btw hor, i will be staying in KL for few days anyone wanna treat me meal(s) ar? 😀 what? next time i work … Continue reading OooLaLa