5 thoughts on “Home”

  1. har…. 7 weeks with no update from u ah…. :(… sure will miss u ge lor… :(… dun go back can or not? 😦

    never know i mean so muchy to u 😳

  2. tats the plane that brought me to btu today.. bloody narrow seat n not cun at all punya stewardess.haha.. went to melacca last nite on my way back to kl from jhr, stop by the o jian at jonker and the jetty to chill out. can see eye on melaka there.. haha.. neway take care n hav fun in mlk n kl. will contact u if i happen to be in mlk again :p

    p/s: jaga ur popo coz old ppl very ezly get infection n very weak after oper.

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