Back In Action

8 thoughts on “Back In Action”

  1. welcome bck, ann.
    hehe… cepat rajin rajin do ur cleaning so that i wont hav to do much work few dayz later.
    say hello to tat big fat ass lizard.
    say hello to the squirrels.
    say hello to the stupid black cat and her kittens.

    *kick your butt*
    faster faster go touchy wood!
    so far,
    haven’t see big fat ass, squirrels yet 😛
    but stray cats yes 😦
    big fat ass is waiting for u 😀

  2. Welcum back! Faster go read all the posts on my blog! 🙂

    neo neo,
    i think my uni ban your bloggie!
    sei mou
    maybe ur url sounds a lil’ obscene
    too hot to be viewed wtf?
    cham la
    can’t read ur bloggie
    no nicey pics to see niao 😥

  3. semut sudah balik… yay~~ yah, go read every single post in my blog too… if not i pijak u…

    mean bugger!
    u update more often la then i go support ur bloggie every-freaking-day
    eh, ur sam lei zheng sheong already ar?

  4. Apa lar your uni, u faster go f… the network or computer or whatever department that blocks my bloggie. How could they dare blocking my hot hot bloggie? Cannot like that… faster go do something.

    sure i will go find out…
    but have to wait till next tues la..
    have to tell them,
    your screensaver is actually not that hot! 😀

  5. Wei…Melaka no PC/laptop, no internet or no electricity? Get back to Bint-ulu…now only appear online again! Missing in action so long liao! Sure you miss me so much hor! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

    got lappie but no internet connection 😦
    ‘da only thing one of da things i likey here is wireless 😀
    oh of course i miss u berry berry muchy 😀

  6. Hey, welcome back to Bintulu, it must be fun to be back in skool again! Can see so many lengzai and lenglui, can eat nice and cheap food, can go clubbing, can go online for free, can blog,…! 🙂

    err…fun? in Bint-ulu?
    here no lengchai… (seilo, sure kena belasah tomorrow 😯 )
    nice food? cheap? NOT AT ALL!
    clubbing? em…maybe…but im so broke niao 😦
    v(“,) to wireless 😀
    v(“,)v to blogging!

  7. good to see that u r back! speaking about bahlia phone, my hp still cannot listen to radio ler.. i’ve been using it for 3 years 8 months! still waiting it to spoilt to buy new 1.. hahahah.. how much ur phone? looks nice?
    and u really can spend hor!

    actually i want an iPhone badly, too bad, can’t afford it
    that’s why la i settle with this phone
    and actually i don’t plan to buy any new phone one, but i was fated to buy la, what to do 😯
    this baby Han, costs me 500 bucks, u can definitely afford it!

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