Im Broke aka Pokai T-T

6 thoughts on “Im Broke aka Pokai T-T”

  1. Err.. now i know why girls can’t live without shopping!! Girl always be girl.. haha,,
    Oh ya, Welcome back Annat~

    guys always be guys also ma…same same hor
    i know u can’t live without your huge ass camera!

  2. Now I know why students are broke almost instantly one they get their allowance!!! Thank goodness my anak now like that! Hahahahahaha!!!!

    now like that
    i think it should be NOT liddat!
    how young is your daughter btw?
    it’s just matter of time…to be like me choi! 😛

    stp, i accidentally deleted your comment in da previous post 😦 no way i can retrieve it hor?

  3. ~ ann, u dyed ur hair ar?
    ~ i like ur previous waxy hair boh…
    ~ erm…ur sony ericsson w580, why u choose tis?

    yup! dyed my hair into copper red!
    waxy? wavy izzit? it’s my good hair day! on bad hair day, my hair like unruly weeds 😦
    i choose it bcos it’s something i can afford! actually i want da Ice Cream but can’t afford la 😥
    maybe with my angpaos i can trade in this phone and get an Ice Cream hor…emmm…

  4. Wow, good buys! I like the bra with cute dangling feather! Oh, I like the spanking new phone too! Ah, your biscuits sandwiched with hams & tomatoes look really delicious!…

    Which blog you are having problem with commenting? My Chinese blog or the fashion blog? On the Chinese blog, you should see a math question, then a box for you to enter the answer… can see the question? — there is no question and answer thingy on the fashion blog.

    Let me know should you still have problem in commenting.

    i likey fancy bras 😀
    that’s my brekkie when im homed!

    your chinese bloggie la…what i see is only this wo
    no maths question one? :S

  5. Dear Annant,
    Thank you so much for the kind message after my father passed. I am sorry to hear of all of the people you know who are falling ill too. It seems that many people die during this time of the year. I like what you say,”Live life to the max.” I need to escape my sadness and do just that.
    I am so glad you are back to blogging and that you have brought lots of photos. The pizza toppings looked really good. I know what you mean about dieting. When dad passed everyone brought lots of desserts to the house I think I have gained 10 pounds I really didn’t need.

    oh dear Elizabeth,
    im glad u have move on on your life…i think that’s what your dad wish too 🙂
    next time when u feel like venting, blog it out 😀
    remember live life to da max, so that u will have no regrets! 😉

    and i think i have to undergo a massive diet to shed my 10pounds off 😦

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