4 thoughts on “Debts”

  1. You update so fast now… nothing to do in uni ah… 🙂
    Come to my bloggie and get a RM101 dress ler… tomorrow eat roti la.

    classes haven’t really started so seriously i have so muchy free time i donnot what to do with it 😯
    don’t encourage me doing this, my pocket left only 66 bucks, but i can still buy da dress through maybank2u 😯
    im actually experimenting how well am i in spending da 118 bucks 😀

  2. walau eh…so many questions..
    new subject for sem 6 huh?

    if it’s a new subject, how nice wei!
    no test, no final, just my evaluation of how faithful u are to AntzWorLd 😀
    u can certainly expect an A++ from me!

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