2008 In Snapshots

11 thoughts on “2008 In Snapshots”

  1. Wow, so many interesting pics! The pic of you doing your thing in front of eye on malaysia is superb and the best. 🙂

    Happy New Year! Can comment on my chinese blog liao??

    eppie nu year!
    Irene, donno what i click then suddenly your comment in da last post disappear already T-T
    and i still can’t comment on your bloggie, da math thingy just doesn’t appear! pfft gek sei me 😦

  2. Happy New Year…and hope to meet-up one of these days in 2009. Going home for CNY…or coming over to Sibu?

    of course go back lo…
    new year here very cham wo my friends reckon 😯

  3. Eppie New Year… may the new year bring you lots of joy, good health and moolah! Wakakakka…

    Your uni still blocks my bloggie ah?

    eppie nu year! thanks! most importantly bring me more moolah $-$ 😀
    and yup! uni banned ur bloggie. i tried to talk to da mangement but to no avail 😦
    nic ask me to forget u wo, but i can’t 😳

  4. Eppie you likey my dress. But one only ah… haha, buy more lar then easier for me to give you lots of huge discounts. 🙂

    Please let me know which dress you likey… email or better still msn me.

    check your mailbox 😉

  5. How could you forget me… faster come to my bloggie to look see look see… i miss you dearly…

    i wanna read your bloggie but i can’t! Grrr… 😥
    i miss u dearly too 😳

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