So…it’s 2009 niao?

4 thoughts on “So…it’s 2009 niao?”

  1. What for buy all the nice2 dresses and nice2 things? In Bint-Ulu, no nice2 places to go to, no nice2 guys to see. Better save money for future use!

    u sound exactly like my mami 😯
    yes madamman! *with right hand saluting*

  2. i think upmkb nx tm should block all those online shopping website lo..
    den MAYB u can save some $$ liao..

    eh, BTM’s staffs don’t listen to kikilala 😛
    online shopping can be really addictive lo 😯

  3. Oh yes, come come… lots of new dresses on sale! Buy for CNY, buy for all the lengjai in Bintulu… buy for all the handsome in Bintulu… hahaha…

    Irenelim! u think i very loaded to buy for them ar… 🙄 😛

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