24/7 No More

10 thoughts on “24/7 No More”

  1. haha.. no wonder cant c u in msn anymore… like tat not syok lor… no one to kacau me liau.. kekeke

    i miss calling u WTF too 😯

  2. Aiyah… go get Celcom 3G lar… can online anytime 24×7… can download movies, porn, etc! wakakaka… can msn whole day long even in the looooo… wuahahaha

    actually i think of signing up braodband too.
    but after buying da toy, pokai niao ma…
    eh, when u wanna help me with hosting wo? y no reply! 😦

  3. Happy New Year Annant! A little late. You karaoked 3 days for Christmas? That sounds great!
    Also, I had never heard of schools limiting your internet, and your idea to sell hours is very smart. But, I can see that too much internet surfing could be like too much television and quite a distraction from studying. I hope you have a great semester!

    eppie nu year Elizabeth!
    i seriously have no idea y uni always come up with some quirky rules to restrict us lo 😦
    but u have your point! 🙂

  4. How’s the connection speed provided? Slow or fast? Didn’t know you area a UPMer until you posted this. All the best in the new academic semester! Score a 4.00!

    da speed does improved. i can know access to all da sites. minus youtube, and neo’s site cos they think it’s hot 😯
    4.00 ar? haven’t score that in my life lo 😦
    but will work smarter and harder this sem cos u know la can’t on9 all da time niao ma…

  5. Email me la… or have you already emailed me? … didn’t see your email ler. 🙂

    already emailed u niao!
    or was it dumped into spam? 😦

  6. lols, then u have to go thought out blog very fast and type ur post faster lor..

    i now draft in writers first. then will hit da publish button when im offline. clever hor 😀
    save credit ma 😛

  7. Yup, get external wireless and subscribe to Celcom 3G. My daughter’s institute in Kedah a lot worse. Last time, can access at ‘ruang lega’ but place always packed but connection always down so place usually empty! Now can access from room but most of the time, no connection! Said have to pay, dunno started yet or not!

    My ex-school in Sibu best! Sit in canteen (or staffroom), FREE 24-hour access unless Streamyx got problem!

    i don’t complaint muchy cos da connection is much much better than last time
    my alma mater now also have wireless!
    they only have it after i graduated =.=

  8. i think…if use for school, 160 hours for a month is enough la!
    Unless you planning to use the internet to download, chit chat…then
    it might not be enough..

    I think its experienced too many people downloading,
    that’s why they wanna to limit the usage…

    unless get some third party service such like celcom or maxis 3g lo~

    not enough lo..to me la
    can only limit myself 5hours per day, damn cham 😦

    now da speed definitely improved cos can’t download niao
    cos they block donno what protocol or whatnots…
    and i don’t have moolah to pay for celcom broadband le

  9. i can accept that 40 hours per week policy if the speed are stable or at least 30kbps CONSISTENTLY. but did u see by urself how suck the speed currently is? i’d rather send snail mail letters to my mom at home rather than sending email to her using uspot.. it’s just so ‘fast’..

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