Where Has U Been Huh?

6 thoughts on “Where Has U Been Huh?”

  1. Sun up then hot lar… how? The little ant logo is so cute… how did you do it, teach me la.

    hot never mind, cos most of da time im in either in air-conditioned room or my hostel.
    hot at least hang my clothes under da sun ma…i’ve been drying them under da fan for one week niao 😦
    da ant very cute hor *smug*
    im sure u can do it. cos i just find da brush and ta-daa! 😀

  2. hihi……. Congrats for moving to your own domain…

    How much for the domain & server hosting?

    *wave* hihi
    u can hop over to exabytes.com to know more 😀
    very affordable one 😉

  3. Where is the place?

    Agree with Neo that the ant logo is cute *thumbs up*

    it’s my campus 😉
    *smug again*
    but i think da ant isn’t cute enough la, i just can’t find a cuter one 😦

  4. wow…landslide in campus….thats rare…

    rained incessantly ma…runoff of da soil worsen da case 😦
    that’s why
    it’s rare, cos not many campus has lush forest like we have it here 😉

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