Would U Rather? – Dress Up or Dress Down

24 thoughts on “Would U Rather? – Dress Up or Dress Down”

  1. i dont bother to dress up to the nine but i choose my clothes that i feel comfortable in.

    sorry dear, i don't really have the time to make layouts for people. im sure there are a lot of tutorials online that could assist you 😉

  2. hmm. hard to answer, sometimes if i dress up, my friends dress in simple tees, shorts and flip flops.

    then sometimes, when i dress down, my friends come in fabulous dresses and tops. i guess it's best to make sure where we are going and what type of people we are going to go out with.

    i prefer to be in the middle. not too dressy not too simple. i play safe. hehe.

  3. well i prefer to dress comfortably
    i do not like to dress up if i am not comfortable at all
    also depends on where I am going, dont tell me i dress all up js to go to night market !

  4. yeah..someone people just overdressed when going somewhere..

    i have a friend,she dressed so elegantly,so i ask wheres she goin…
    shes going to the night market..

  5. i once saw an 40+ aunty wore a mini shorts + tight-fitting tube + 3inches high heels
    i think she's totally insane la…go pasar malam only le u think go shopping mer? 😛 she's so overdressed…

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