Marco Polo, Bint-ulu

14 thoughts on “Marco Polo, Bint-ulu”

  1. His name is Braine? Is he very brainy? Haha!

    Her legs look like chicken legs? Haha! They sure do! Haha! Very funny!

    Eh, I don't think you all are big eaters lah. The food looks to me very small portion. I will also go for second or third round. LOL!

  2. he deserves da name braine. enough said.
    braine, i say something good bout u le, u owe me one meal 😛

    we did went for second round =.=
    that's why im fat 😦

  3. that means your legs are very slim too la?
    i donno, they just reminds me of chicken legs whenever i look at her legs :S
    i also wanna be called as chicken legs but mine are ele's legs:S

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