In Da Past 48hours, I

10 thoughts on “In Da Past 48hours, I”

  1. once, during my internship, i went out partying with the engineers. i had too much drink and we were bar-hopping that night. at the 4th bar/club, i clogged the sink at the toilet with my puke, dirtied the cushions with my puke and 'washed' the stairs entering the club with my puke.

    the engineers told me that i had to depend on the walls to walk my way to the car!

    and i was freaking pissed and scolded some old man in Mandarin! *die*

    the next morning i woke up with an empty stomach. i requested to my supervisor to go out to grab a breakfast before starting work, i ate. then a few minutes later, my body rejected the food. i puked AT THE CAFE!! die la. the cafe owner must have blacklisted me from his cafe after that. haha.

    i so know how it feels like having too much and suffering from the hang-over. O.o

  2. walao!
    u're such a drunkard!
    my case is just a peanut compared to yours!
    this is my first time puking u know and i felt misrable already…
    and u puked like… *count* forth! O.o
    however, there's someone else that puke so muchy that night…and one puked on da bed…
    just imagine da barfy foul smell lingering in da room…eewwww

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