I Feel Nekkid

31 thoughts on “I Feel Nekkid”

  1. my gal says it's like me wrapping in a towel wo..
    cos da dress is so short that they could easily see my undies :S
    but i no horny wo…liddis also u kena seduced ar? 😛

  2. 我覺得很準耶~每一字每一句都講到心坎兒里去了 哈哈
    只是“你若令她失望,她会不可挽回地离开,即使她的心在滴血,即使痛楚重得要压垮她的生命,她也绝不回头。 ”這段我覺得不太像我。。。
    因為我很沒用 只要一被挽回就會原諒對方 呵呵

  3. aiyah……. bien paiseh lar…..

    If my pc can read chinese I oso dunno how to read…………
    why? gip U a hint lor…
    my nickname…

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