Lao Sek Zai Jian

33 thoughts on “Lao Sek Zai Jian”

  1. hey, thanks for dropping by my blog and good luck on your exams as well! =]

    The kids are super cute ^^. I am horrible with kids. They see as a mean old grandma, haha.

  2. The girl's handwriting really look like kris! haha!

    So the boy's eyelashes is longer than yours? : )

    Their mommy is called Pn Hadiah? Hadiah as in prize? LOL!

  3. cicada oso sked………….
    they wouldn't bite you mah………..
    lain la if lipas kar ………, cicak kar…………….
    and tikus……… and oso blah blah blah…. that wan very sked lor……

  4. ok, i so lambat comment. hehe. got here thru your photo hunt link.
    the kids are cute! but like you said lar, if the start crying i also dont like. lol. i dont like sulking kids. i like them happy. xD

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